Miro's Bar

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Miro’s Bar is on the lower ground level and can be entered via steps on Golden Square. This cellar bar is both cool and bright in the summertime and cosy and warm in the colder months. It also has a small courtyard area with tables for those wishing to soak in the summer sun.

The bar is renowned for its range of superior cocktails. Incorporating fresh fruit and premium spirits and liqueurs, there is an impressive selection sure to satisfy any taste, incorporating cocktail classics with new innovations.

The atmosphere is refreshingly chilled making the bar ideal for a relaxed conversation between old friends or the perfect setting for pre or post dinner drinks.

The undoubted draw, aside from the exquisite cocktails is our talented barman Miro, who will mix your drink with passion, humour and an unrivalled attention to detail.

Bar Food

Bar snacks, canapés for group reservations

Available on request

Pick your favourite

Miro Martini

Choose either vodka or gin.
The godfather of mother cocktails, with a twist. Fresh raspberries, crème de cassis and strawberry liqueur.

Summer Sin

Choose either gin or rum.
Cucumber, white wine, orange liqueur, elderflower liqueur, fresh lime, mango and cranberry juice, passion fruit and orgeat syrups. Tantalising!

Cherry Popper

Choose either vodka or white rum.
Sour but refreshing drink, combining vodka, cherry brandy, cherry sourz, fresh raspberries, homemade sour mix and cranberry juice.

Rum selection


Choose from: Classic, strawberry, raspberry, pineapple or beer.
Classic and refreshing, white rum based cocktail, infused with fresh lime, mint and sugar. On crushed ice.


Choose original, strawberry or lychee.
Alive and kicking. Bacardi, fresh lime, sugar and fresh fruit puree.


Rum, crème de mure , cherry liqueur, fresh lime and apple juice. Aye Aye Aye!!!

Naga Mai Tai

Our twist on the classic Mai Tai, mixed with chocolate liqueur, homemade Naga chilli syrup. Spicy, strong and refreshing, simply out of this world!

Gin Lovers

Gin Fusion

A refreshing mix of gin, elderflower liqueur, Midori, fresh strawberry, melon and cucumber, shaken over ice, topped with tonic.

China Girl

Cheeky and exotic. Gin, elderflower liqueur, fresh lime, gomme, lychee puree, apple juice, blue curacao.

Sloe Tango

Sloe gin, apricot brandy, passion fruit sugar, fresh lime, mango juice and bitters. A right little dancer.


Dry but refreshing concoction of fresh apple, orgeat syrup, Caorunn gin, fresh lime juice, dandelion bitters and rose water.

Mixing Vodka

Bloody Mary

Vodka, fresh lemon, tomato juice, Tabasco, Worcester sauce, freshly grated horseradish.

Hazel Park Swizzle

Delicious mix of Vodka, Frangelico, apple juice, sugar, fresh limes and chocolate bitters.

Red Cosmo

A treat for the ladies: vodka, pomegranate liqueur, strawberry liqueur, Maraschino, fresh lime juice and sugar. Very classy and sophisticated.

The Irresistible

Frozen cocktail for berry lovers. Vodka, strawberry liqueur, crème de cassis, cranberry juice, passion fruit syrup, fresh raspberry and strawberry purees.

Classic with a twist


Choose from either:
Classic, chilli, mango, beer or raspberry. Refreshing tequila based cocktail with a kick.

Long Island Iced tea

A blend of vodka, gin, rum, tequila, orange angostura, homemade sweet and sour finished with coke. Full of flavours, clean and crisp.

Old Fashioned

The King of the classics made with Diplomatico Rum and chocolate bitter. A recipe full of flavour and character!!!


Italians do it better!!The most famous Italian cocktail served at its top. Enjoy it like Count Negroni use to do in Florence in 1919.

Glamorous Vespa

KettleOne, Botanist and NoilyPrat, stirred into delicious mixture.


Take Canadian club Whisky, Punt & Mes Vermouth and Spanish bitter, mix them to get the perfect version of this evergreen cocktail.



Jack Daniel’s, raspberry liqueur, violet syrup, lemon juice, sour mix. Va Va Voom!!!


A nice way to enjoy wine. Port, Shiraz, black tea and chocolate bitters, raspberry liqueur and sugar.

Marie Rose

Rosemary and juniper sugar, fresh lime juice, gin, coriander seeds, grapefruit bitters and cranberry juice shaken as hell.


Sweet and creamy mix of crème de cacao , spiced rum, Kahlua, milk and cream.


Baileys, Tia Maria chocolate liqueur, mint liqueur and cream, create this very satisfying minty cocktail.

Canadian Milk Man

Maple syrup, Vanilla Lychee and Butter Milk. Try this great new concoction.



Kahlua, baileys and cointreau layered in a shooter glass.

Slippery Nipple

Sambuca with baileys float.


Peach snaps with baileys float.

Blue Nipple

Blue curacao, sambuca and vodka

Liquid cocaine

Strong shooter with aniseed flavour. Bacardi, Goldschlager and Jagermeister.

Flat liner

Vodka, rum, tobacco sauce.


Tequila, vodka, rum.

Very Berry Meister

Jagermeister, crème de cassis and blackcurrant sourz.

Tower Inferno

Amazing flaming shooter to share or for the party animal.